Conference 2017

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The changing world, with both good and threatening challenges, has a great impact on the mental health of a human being. It is a source of new experiences, dilemmas and difficulties – such as the growing financial and ethnic differences, exclusion, isolation, political and religious conflicts – and at the same time provides us with the potential of significant development.
Psychotherapy has been changing, too. The classical schools of psychotherapy give birth to dozens of methods offered as a means of helping people experiencing various existential problems. Empirically verified therapeutic factors are being searched for. And so are new ways for integrating psychotherapy.
We are planning to discuss the role of psychotherapy and psychotherapists today and in the near future. We will consider the influence of the altering reality on the psychotherapeutic practices, as well as the way in which integration of psychotherapy enhances the significance and the efficacy of our profession.
The most renowned contemporary researchers, creators and practitioners of psychotherapy have already confirmed their participation in our conference – among them Prof. Louis Castonguay, Dr Gianni Francesetti, Prof. Michael Lambert, Prof. John Norcross, and  Dr Martha Stark.
The conference will be translated simultaneously into Polish and English.

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